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At WSPF, we believe research-based, cutting-edge principles help athletes reach their full potential. Our programs have the sole athlete in mind and we believe in making fitness a lifestyle, not just a New Year's Resolution. We understand an individual moves in their own, unique way and each athlete has their own goals. We specialize in injury recovery and prevention; we emphasize and strongly value helping you move well in order to reach your peak performance.


We believe in setting goals, not limitations. We believe in supporting our clients and community both inside and outside of the gym. We are a family-run facility that believes laughing is just as important as sweating, and preparing for a long, healthy life is more appealing than binge watching Netflix on the couch all day (or maybe just on rest days...Yes, we're human too). 

Whether you are a competitive athlete or simply looking to feel better and build a healthy body, Westlake Sports Performance & Fitness is where you want to be!





Sports Performance Training

When it comes to sports, competition levels are always rising and every athlete is searching for that edge. At WSPF, you can rest assured your training will consist of the most up-to-date principles to aid in surpassing your competitors. Our sports performance programs are written specifically for each, individual athlete and their particular sport in mind.

WSPF uses a precise set of mobility, power and strength training to get the most athletic ability out of its athletes. With our help, you will learn to move efficiently to better prevent injury and optimize your potential. Here is what comes with your training program:


  • 1:1 Postural/Movement assessment

  • Individualized programming

  • Top quality coaching

  • Semi-private Training


Westlake Sports Performance & Fitness is here to help you live a full, healthy life! No matter your age, training experience or fitness level, we can help you feel and move better. With semi-private training you will enjoy the benefits of:


  • 1:1 Postural/Movement assessment

  • Individualized training program

  • Individualized coaching for you and up to 3-additional members

Online Training

At WSPF, we understand not everyone is within distance to enjoy the unique programming we provide. For those looking for results but are not within a reasonable distance, we have online training available:


  • Detailed online postural/movement assessment

  • Individualized training programs

  • Training videos for each exercise

  • Coaching through video analysis

Nutrition Coaching

We also offer 1-on-1 Nutrition Coaching in person or online. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or need the help and support to lose weight, we offer sustainable, individualized nutrition coaching to pair with your training program.

  • 1-on-1 Meetings

  • Individualized goal setting and resources

  • Healthy food and meal prep ideas

  • Regular Check-ins for ACCOUNTABILITY and support

  • unlimited access to coach for any and all questions


Don’t just take our word for it. Here are Testimonials from current and Past WSPF clients:

I have been training with Robert for over half a year now. Robert pulls from a diverse background of training techniques tailored for your personal needs. I have seen improvements in many facets of my athletic performance including speed, power and endurance. However, the greatest feat that Robert has accomplished is alleviating the debilitating pain in my shoulders and knees that accumulated from years of swimming at a Colligate Division I level. Before I met Robert I was greeted every morning by chronic pain that forced me to constantly be on anti-inflammatories. The pain prevented even mild exercise and I became confined to a knee brace to simply walk. Luckily, I came across Robert and thanks to his scientific approach to injury rehabilitation and prevention, I regained pain free mobility. Needless to say I am forever grateful for getting a huge part of my life back. Whether your interest is weight loss, muscle gain or overall athletic performance, Robert’s passion and expertise will guild you to success.

Charles S. – Muay Thai Fighter


This past summer I decided to leave my Crossfit gym in order to focus on the sport of Olympic Lifting. In my search to finding an adequate coach, I came across Robert DeLeon. I decided to give him a try and I am so glad I did. After 1.5 months of lifting with Robert, my technique made huge improvements that shown through in my new numbers.
I came to Robert struggling for a 135 clean and made a 20 lb gain, hitting 155 a month and half later. After completing two months with Robert I tried out for Bob Takano’s Phat Elvis Lifting Club. To my amazement, my technique and potential was established enough to make Bob’s team. Though my work and school schedule did not allow me to continue with Bob, making his team was a huge accomplishment. I decided to remain under Robert’s programming and continue to see improvements in my strength and muscle build.

Kerri L. – Olympic Weightlifting


After injuring my lower back, I was extremely limited in any physical activity. This was when I began training with Robert. Focusing primarily on recovery, Robert was able to find the source of my pain and regain its health. Having been injured for months, I didn’t believe a full recovery was possible. Immediately following our first session, I noticed an improvement. Robert worked to both rebuild and strengthen my back. He was able to heal the muscle while remaining cautious of its limits. Each exercise targeted the injured muscle accurately. The pain began to slowly fade. Robert’s way of allowing me to see the purpose behind each exercise was key in my recovery process. I had a clear understanding of what I was doing and why. Robert offered both support and guidance through every step of the way. His positive encouragement never ceased to make me smile. It’s rare to find a person that has that optimism.
With a healthy back, I began working to improve both my strength and speed. Robert adjusted my starting stance to increase my explosiveness. This allowed me to accelerate off my starting point. My strength has significantly improved as well. I feel a sense of stability. Robert has taught me how to maximize the power I have in each step. I can now explode off my starting point at a faster speed. Though we’ve made tremendous progress, I know Robert and I have many more training sessions ahead of us. I look forward to many more years of training with him. Robert is both a remarkable trainer and a great friend.

Kelly C. – Soccer/Softball



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